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This page is sponsored by the Pueblo Day Nursery Children's Foundation. Click for more information.


If you suspect that a child is being abused or neglected, consider it your responsibility to report your suspicions to the authorities.


You can report child abuse or neglect in Pueblo County by calling 911.


You can report suspicions of child abuse/neglect by calling the Colorado Child Abuse/Neglect Hotline at 



1-844-CO-4KIDS (264-5437)


You can also click here to find reporting numbers in other areas around the US!



Rules to Remember when Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect:


1. Report Immediately. Some people wait weeks or even months before making a report. In order to help the child, we must make reports in a timely fashion.


2. Be factual, clear and descriptive about your concerns. Your feelings will not be helpful to the screener. Try to only report your observations about the situation and anything that you may know about the family and children. 


3. Know the names of the family members and children. If not, try to gather as much identifying information as possible. 


4. Continue to report any new observations to DHS. Remember that it may make several attempts and contacts with the family before DSS can determine that any safety concerns exist.




Window Cord Safety Information


We have partnered with our friends at Hunter Douglas to spread the message about Window Cord Safety.  

Please visit Hunter Douglas by clicking on the photo below for more information about safety and injury prevention:















Car Bumper Sticker Safety

Many people don’t think twice about putting a bumper sticker on the back of their car. Still, unfortunately, many stickers reveal a lot of personal information, especially about children- what school they go to, where they spend their time outside of school, etc. This also makes cars more identifiable and shares that information with anyone who might be driving past. 

That’s why our friends at Bankrate created a guide that offers car and personal safety tips that are essential information to consider:

This guide includes key statistics related to bumper stickers, more information on the risks associated with them, and safer alternatives.



Below are some resource documents that you may find helpful:


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